Hangar Door Buyers Guide 2021

The hangar door is arguably the most important asset on any hangar construction project. The building structure is designed around the door.

What are Safety Sensing Edges and How are they used on Hangar Doors?

The primary goal is to stop the movement of the hangar door before it comes in to contact with an aircraft, a tug, or something else.

Top Guide Rollers for Steel Sliding Hangar Doors

A top guide roller connects the top track to the door panel and in most cases each door panel has two rollers. When replacing a top guide roller…

Bottom Rolling Hangar Door Configurations

The beauty of a bottom rolling door is there’s so many different ways that they can operate. There’s a design to suit almost every set of circumstances.

Electric Motors for Aircraft Hangar Doors

Each electric motor is designed around the specifications of the hangar door, which ensures key performance attributes such as traction and horse power are met.

Choosing a Bottom Rolling Door for your Aircraft Hangar

If you’re like most, you rarely pause to consider any impact the choice of door has on the functionality of the building. Colors, architectural detail and landscaping all contribute to a building…

AeroDoor COVID-19 Update

Our safety training and Covid 19 protocols will continue to evolve as this virus develops and we learn more.