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4 Decades in hangar doors – 1 Family

AeroDoor is an aircraft hangar door company that was founded in 1978 by brothers John & Bill Mathews. John was a keen steel fabricator and erector so design-build hangar doors was a natural direction for him. John ran the AeroDoor company up until semi retirement in 2016. Today you’ll find John managing one of our hangar door installations somewhere around the country.

Current owners Jason and Jonathan Mathews (two of Johns sons), continue the family tradition while maintaining AeroDoors outstanding reputation with an uncompromising commitment to quality and safety.

With a strong reputation as an industry leader in aircraft hangar doors, AeroDoor provides excellence in a full spectrum of design-engineering, manufacturing, installation, service and quality control services.

A handful of companies can manufacture hangar doors, but we separate ourselves from the rest by delivering value and advantage throughout a projects timeline.

Every aircraft hangar door we sell is managed by a project manager and a team of people who are there to support the contractor and his client. We do this best by investing in the right people. We believe that by investing in people with the right experience and by manufacturing doors with the best components, we will deliver the best product and service in class.

We choose to deliver these doors at competitive prices, with prompt and professional customer service.

Welcome to the AeroDoor community. A community that began in 1978.

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