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Who is handling your hangar door installation?

Installation of a complete hangar door system includes bottom rails, top track guides, door leaves, electrical components and any number of extras. This is not a process to be taken for granted.

Even the best design, with high-grade manufacturing can fail due to poor installation. 3rd party installers may not have intimate knowledge of your design requirements and could cause delays, added costs, and other inefficiencies. Inexperienced installers can cause huge time delays and negative financial impact – often without recourse for ownership.

It makes financial sense and carries less risk to have the same company design, manufacture, ship and install your new hangar doors for you.

Seamless On-Site Assembly & Hangar Door Installation

When you hire AeroDoor for your hangar door installation, you’re getting AeroDoor…not a bunch of subcontractors. We believe this factor alone brings more impact on your success than any other.

  • In-House Team

    Installation is by AeroDoor Employees only. No subcontractors or union labor.

  • Bottom Rail Installation

    After first concrete pour, AeroDoor supplies anchor bolts, and installs all leveling angles and rails.

  • Top Guide Rail Installation

    We install the top guide rails best suited to your requirements.

  • Door Leaf Installation

    We assemble and hang every door leaf.

  • Mechanical Systems

    Install motor(s), electrical components and controls.

  • Electrical Wiring

    All conduit, fittings, junction boxes and all labor is included.

  • Perfect Leveling

    Door set to plumb, level and square with all parts properly fastened and mounted.

  • Hangar Door Testing

    All moving parts are tested rigorously and adjusted.

  • Material Handling

    All unloading, hoisting, handling and protection of material on site.

  • Debris Removal

    Includes cleanup and removal of all excess parts and waste.

  • Certifications & Policies Included

    Commercial Insurance, OSHA and lift plans.

Common Hangar Door Installation Questions

  • Do I get a longer warranty if AeroDoor installs the door?

    The standard warranty is 5-years on structural defects and workmanship. But a door installed by AeroDoor employees is often less expensive and offers long term peace of mind for everyone.

  • What rental equipment is needed?

    Cranes, forklifts, boom lifts and scissor lifts. Choices will depend on size and weight of the door.

  • What Insurances do AeroDoor door installers carry?

    AeroDoor carries coverage for Professional liability, General liability, Auto, Umbrella and Workers Comp. Employees carry safety, lift and ragging certifications.

  • What stage of the construction project does the hangar door get installed?

    The anchor bolts, levelling angles and bottom rails are installed during the foundation stage. Do not hang the top guide rails and door leaves until the work of other trades in preparing the opening has been completed and the hangar roof is under full dead load.

  • What paint is applied to the door?

    Under standard specification all structural steel is cleaned to SSPC-SP3 and primed with a heavy duty inhibitive primer. We do offer abrasive blast cleaning and specialist coatings on request.

  • What tests are done on the door after installation?

    After the door installation is complete, AeroDoor will perform a complete operating test in the presence of the Contracting Officer. Any defects or concerns disclosed by the test will be adjusted until the entire installation is fully operational and acceptable to the Contracting Officer.

  • What is AeroDoor’s close out policy?

    AeroDoor provides a hard file for the contracting officer and the owner. This file contains the door submittals, raw component data sheets, operation and troubleshooting guide and warranty registration.

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