Hangar Door Installation

AeroDoor provides installation services for all of our manufactured hangar doors. This service encompasses delivery, unloading, and installation of the complete door system with our own employees. This sets us apart and makes us highly sought after.

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Meet your hangar door installers

hangar door installation

Jonathan, our chief superintendent, and co-owner of AeroDoor, started his career installing hangar doors at a young age under the guidance of his father, our company’s founder. With extensive experience, Jonathan has overseen hangar door installations nationwide, spanning commercial, space, and government projects. Notably, he has successfully installed rolling hangar doors reaching heights of up to 112 feet. Additionally, Jonathan efficiently oversees our service division, showcasing unparalleled expertise in the field of hangar doors.

John Mathews

John founded AeroDoor in 1978 and remains actively engaged in the field, personally managing, and installing our door systems. His extensive experience imbues him with unparalleled expertise in installing rolling hangar doors, much to the benefit of both our company and our clients. We are truly fortunate that John continues to pursue this passion, and our clients share in that sentiment.

Risks associated with third-party door installers

Before purchasing a hangar door, acquaint yourself with your potential door installer. It’s likely that they are not directly employed by the door manufacturer, even if the installation services are included in the quote provided by the door company.

Project specifications frequently mandate that hangar door installation be carried out by factory-trained personnel. Nevertheless, those who install hangar doors are often independent contractors aiming to broaden their service offerings and generate income. Hangar door manufacturers typically have no qualms about accepting their bids to facilitate door sales.

These installers, though they may specialize in fields like steel erection, typically do not offer direct warranties for the installed doors. Instead, warranty claims must be directed back to the door manufacturer. This lack of direct warranty provision should raise concerns, and I will explain why.

Hangar door manufacturers sell their products under a “material-only” contract, wherein warranties are categorized as return-to-base. To confirm this, one can review the warranty sections of the provided bid or request written clarification regarding warranty terms and provisions for service calls.

Terms you’ll frequently see from hangar door manufacturers who don’t take responsibility for installation:

    1. Prior written authorization from the door manufacturer is required for any field alterations or repairs. Unauthorized modifications or repairs will VOID the warranty.
    2. The customer bears the responsibility of returning the product to the hangar door manufacturer for warranty inspection.
    3. Any damage arising from unloading or installation mistakes will invalidate the hangar door warranty.

When a door fault arises, the manufacturer typically begins by assessing whether it stems from a mechanical issue (their responsibility) or an installation error (the installer’s responsibility). If it’s determined to be a mechanical issue, the manufacturer might postpone traveling to the site since they cannot recover the associated fees under warranty. Conversely, if it’s an installation error, the manufacturer must convince the installer to return without compensation, presenting a challenging situation for the customer. A door installer who has already been paid often hesitates to travel long distances to address an issue attributed to their work by the manufacturer without compensation.

Why choose AeroDoor

When you choose AeroDoor, we offer lifetime protection for your door. We manage every aspect in-house, from design and fabrication to unloading, installation, and warranty coverage. Even beyond the warranty period, our dedicated servicing and maintenance division ensures ongoing support and maintenance for your hangar door.

    1. Being a company that installs its own product allows us to continuously receive feedback, which we use to refine our design and enhance quality. This commitment to improvement is reflected in the quality of our unmatched warranty.
    2. The warranty for AeroDoor installed doors provides coverage for both the hangar door and its installation, ensuring peace of mind and protection against potential issues outlined in the risks associated with third-party door installers.
    3. We guarantee smooth integration by fostering continuous communication between our manufacturing director and field superintendents throughout the installation process.
    4. Opting for installation by the door manufacturer streamlines the entire process, benefiting from their familiarity with the products and ensuring efficient and effective installation.
    5. Each delivery is unloaded by AeroDoor at the job site, reducing the workload for your own superintendent and simplifying the process.
    6. By entrusting AeroDoor with the installation of not only the hangar door but also the tracks and electrical components, you delegate less work to others. This allows you to rely on experts while potentially saving costs.

What’s included in our installation

An example of our scope includes:

    • ASCE bottom rail and leveling angle.
    • Upper guide rails.
    • Door panels.
    • Motor assembly including limit switches and additional features like sensing edges.
    • All-weather seals (not a partial install like other door installers).
    • All-low voltage wiring, conduits, and junction boxes (exclusive).
    • Comprehensive testing of the finished door (exclusive).
    • Owner training

Our typical scope of work excludes:

    • Concrete and drainage.
    • Sheeting and trim.

Installation Scope

Visit 1
During the foundation phase, AeroDoor will install the leveling angles and the ASCE rail.

Visit 2
Once the building is constructed and the roof is completed, AeroDoor will proceed to install the top track guides and hang the door panels.

Visit 3
Once the building has power and the hangar door is enclosed with sheeting on the exterior, AeroDoor will proceed to install all electrical components, including motors, push button stations, conduits, wiring, weather seals.

At the end of Visit 3 we’ll conduct a thorough test of the finished door in the presence of the general contractor.

Owner Training

Upon the completion of the door installation our super intendent will set up a date for owner training which takes place in front of the door usually in the presence of the owner, the operator, the maintenance person, and the general contractor.

During the owner training the following will be covered by the AeroDoor field superintendent:

    • Operation
    • Maintenance
    • Safety
    • Extreme weather preparation
    • Annual service
    • Troubleshooting
    • Warranty

Owner training is significant for several reasons:

    1. Owner training ensures that the owner knows how to operate and maintain their equipment correctly, reducing the risk of misuse or damage.
    2. Properly trained owners can utilize their hangar door more efficiently, leading to improved productivity and performance.
    3. Training helps owners understand safety protocols and best practices, reducing the likelihood of accidents or injuries.
    4. When owners know how to use and maintain their door properly, it tends to last longer, reducing the need for repairs.
    5. In some industries, owner training may be required to meet regulatory or safety standards, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Overall, owner training is essential for ensuring safe and efficient door operation, prolonging the lifespan of equipment, and meeting regulatory requirements.


What is the timeline for completing the installation?

The duration of hangar door installation varies based on factors such as the door’s size, complexity, and site conditions. We are pleased to provide estimates over the phone as part of the quoting process. To provide a timeframe, we require your bid plans.

Is AeroDoor licensed and insured to install these hangar doors?

AeroDoor maintains insurance, training, and certifications for work of this nature on private, commercial, and government projects.

Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the installation process, including any preparation or cleanup required?

A breakdown of our installation process can be seen in the section “Installation scope”.

What is your pricing structure, and are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

Door installation costs can vary based on several factors including size of the door, weight, location, features, and regulations. That’s why we need your bid plans to give a formal installation quote.

Can you outline the installation process in detail, including any necessary preparation or cleanup?

A detailed breakdown of our installation process is available in the “Installation Scope” section.

What is AeroDoor’s experience with installing doors of this size and type?

Since our inception in 1978, AeroDoor has been installing our own hangar doors for nearly every order. While door sizes vary by application, our largest installed door to date measures 112 feet, with the widest spanning 800 feet. We assign a project director, field superintendent, and manufacturer director to each order to ensure smooth delivery and installation.

Does AeroDoor provide any warranty or guarantee on installation work?

We warranty the installation along with the door. A copy of our warranty can be found here.

Does AeroDoor offer maintenance or servicing options for installed doors?

While every hangar door installation is covered by our warranty, our service technicians can also conduct periodic inspections as part of a preventative maintenance plan. More information can be found on our maintenance and inspections page.

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