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Welcome To AeroDoor.

Family owned since 1978. One company who manufacture, install and service your bottom rolling hangar doors.

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Hangar Door Manufacturing

We design and manufacture every hangar door at our privately owned facilities in Central Florida. This has been our home for the past 4-decades.

Our fabricators are certified welders and the workmanship is overseen by one of our co owners at every stage of the manufacturing process, right up to the point your door is loaded on to the shipping trailers.

Hangar Door Manufacturing

An expert hangar door installer like AeroDoor is critical to the any successful large scale commercial or military project.

Mistakes or sloppy assembly effects structural integrity while slipshod framing leads to performance problems and waterproofing issues with the building.

Hangar Door Installations
Top track installation
Servicing hangar door

Hangar Door Service & Repairs

We repair hangar doors in all kinds of disrepair. We replace weather seal. We install new rolling hardware. We replace VFD’s, gears, chains and motors. We completely renovate hangar doors that others might demolish.

Hangar Door Service & Repairs

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Jonathan Mathews

Co-Owner, AeroDoor International.

We want to earn your busines.

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

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We Aim to Boost Our Client’s Bottom Line by Delivering a Turnkey Service.

Let’s put aside the fact 90% of our clients are repeat business. Learn why clients are so attracted to AeroDoor before they’ve event had a chance to see and use our doors.

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Maintenance Hangar with Bottom Rolling Hangar Door

Trustworthy & Dependable.

We’ve been family owned since incorporation in 1978 and we use AeroDoor employees for manufacturing, installation and service of our hangar doors.

Warranty & Peace of Mind

After the 5-Year warranty ends we offer a preventative maintenance inspection to prolong the life of our hangar doors for decades.


We are an established business with the correct insurance, bond and safety certifications to perform on any commercial or military job site.

Hangar Door Technician
Winner Seo Master

Every client has a clear point of contact at AeroDoor.

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Essential projects require a clear timeline for delivery. We give it you so you can plan accordingly.

Fastest Growing Abstract Solution Providers

We have the knowledge and experience to work inside of all the leading web based project tools.

Award National

Post project we co-ordinate a full de-brief with your team to make sure every one is happy and nothing is left unfinished.

“I want each new Aero-Door client to be completely satisfied! You have to deliver quality and performance when you’re the only sliding hanagr door company in the country who does it all!”

John Mathews.

Metal Construction News Magazine, circa 1986

Useful info concerning hangar doors, installation, service and parts.

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Let’s Make Things Happen

Big or small. We want to be a part of our aircraft hangar project.

Contact AeroDoor today to change how tomorrow looks. Talk to one of our team today and start learning.

Jonathan Mathews

Co-Owner of AeroDoor International

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