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Paul Blake AeroDoor

Paul Blake
Director of Projects

  • 12+ years business sales experience in aircraft hangar doors.

  • Working with Federal Government, Military, Space, commercial aviation, business aviation, MRO facilities, building manufacturers, general contractors, structural engineers and architects.

“As the director of projects at AeroDoor I’d like to take this opportunity to be the first to say thank you for considering us.

I believe customers deserve the best service possible, and here at AeroDoor we take you all the way from concept to completion. You will not find a more honest, dedicated and supportive industry specialist than myself and AeroDoor.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I install a steel sliding door on an existing hangar that has a different door at present?2021-04-15T12:03:21+00:00

    In most cases AeroDoor installers can remove the existing hangar door for you and install a new horizontal steel sliding hangar door.

    Do hangar doors include the sheeting and insulation?2021-04-15T12:13:05+00:00

    No. Exterior covering, insulation, interior liner panels, perimeter trim, and flashing are excluded.

    What voltage and phase does your hangar door require?2021-04-15T12:07:42+00:00

    Electric motors will be sized according to the door system provided. Typical shall be 480V 3 phase or 208V 3 phase. Other voltage/phases are available.

    Can AeroDoor replace partial bottom rail that is damaged?2021-03-29T15:38:55+00:00

    Yes. AeroDoor supply and install complete or partial sections of ASCE bottom rail for existing steel sliding doors. We also include new anchor bolts and levelling angles if necessary.

    What is the profile thickness of the exterior sheet and the interior liner that can be applied to the hangar door leaves?2021-03-29T15:03:46+00:00

    This is the clients choice. AeroDoor only need to know the profile thickness before we the order moves to engineering.

    How long does it take to install a steel sliding hangar door?2021-02-23T00:47:30+00:00

    The time scale will depend on the size and location of the hangar door. Please contact us or email with your door dimensions and location for a clearer answer.

    What size hangar doors do AeroDoor install?2021-04-15T12:09:21+00:00

    To date the largest hangar door AeroDoor have manufactured and installed is 112ft tall (2020).

    Where does AeroDoor manufacture hangar doors?2021-04-15T12:04:03+00:00

    2770 Dillard Road, Eustis. FL 32726

    What industries does AeroDoor have experience in?2021-04-15T12:11:38+00:00
    • Aviation
    • Space
    • Marine
    • Commercial
    • Rail
    Do AeroDoor only deal with general contractors?2021-04-15T12:14:14+00:00

    No. AeroDoor will manufacture and install a door for anybody.

    Can we use your hangar door on an existing building?2020-10-12T18:02:18+00:00

    In most cases yes. Our hangar door can be used on existing buildings.

    I’m an architect designing a new aircraft hangar. What information can you provide?2020-10-09T12:13:14+00:00

    We will provide you with pricing, engineering and specifications. This information will allow you to ascertain the projected costs.

    What is the lead time for a bottom rolling hangar door?2021-04-15T12:06:44+00:00

    To give yourself enough time to review and approve our engineering we suggest at a minimum of 10+ weeks for the engineering, manufacturing and delivery.

    We always recommend calling for the latest lead times as they are often dictated by the size of the project and the time of year.

    AeroDoor International

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    AeroDoor International

    Founded in 1978, AeroDoor is a family owned company committed to the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of aircraft hangar doors.

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