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Installation of our hangar doors is always done by AeroDoor employees. We do not subcontract. AeroDoor are going to supply the anchor bolts, leveling angles and the ASCE rail. We will ship you the anchor bolts with a plan of where they need to be set. The setting is done by others. Once they are set AeroDoor will come out a lay the leveling angle, and the ASCE rail. You are then responsible for the final pour of concrete. Once the Airplane Hangar has been erected and the roof is completely finished, then we will come out and hang the top guide rails. We will also assemble the door leaves on the ground and hang them. On our third step we will install all the motors, the control panels, the SOOW cable, the overhead conductor bar and the conduit and wiring. We do not do conduit and low voltage wiring if it’s explosion proof. We will also install all the weather-seals and any sensing edges this door might have. The final step is owner training. This is when AeroDoor and the client walk through the door. We will explain system operation maintenance and inspections, how to troubleshoot, warranty and we will answer any final questions. Always refer to your AeroDoor quote or contract for installation scope of work.

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