Our top rollers are made with a bronze bushing that is impregnated with lubrication. Bronze has many great properties that make it suitable for top rollers. They are long-lasting because of their resistance to shock load, friction, and wear. Additionally, bronze has excellent corrosion resistance. This is why most marine propellers are made of bronze or a bronze alloy.

What does this mean? It means that Aero Doors top rollers are maintenance free. Yes, you read that correctly. Our top rollers are maintenance free! Our competitors use either sealed or unsealed bearings on their top rollers.

Unsealed bearings require annual or biannual maintenance; unsealed bearings are the cheapest and require the most maintenance. Sealed bearings are maintenance-free until the seal fails. Not if but when the seals fail on these bearings it causes the bearings inside to fail and now your door won’t open. Now you have your line people dragging and pushing the doors open and closed potentially causing damage to motors, chains, sprockets, sensing edges, and not to mention the risk of injuries and damage to the tug equipment.

If you buy a hangar door with top rollers that utilize cheaper sealed or unsealed bearings instead of bushings, you may be heading for an expensive ($15-$20k) top roller overhaul in 10-15 years. Our rollers are warrantied for 25 years against manufacturer defects and workmanship. There is a clear distinction between Aero Door and the other hangar door manufacturers.

If your hangar door motor is slipping or your door makes loud squeaking noises, you may have bearings that are already giving out. please give us a call. We can replace your top roller bearings with bronze bushings.

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Jonathan is Co-Owner of AeroDoor International.