Aero Door offers long term Maintenance in all products for hangars they offer.

Do Your Hangar Door Rails Need Replacement?

Aero Door has the capability to replace your rusty, rotten hangar door bottom rail with new bottom rails and pour back new concrete.

Why grease pins on your hangar door wheels are critical

Wheels and bearings are critical components on a bottom rolling hangar door. They carry the weight of the door and must move freely. A door that is difficult to move will wear down drive components.

Personnel Door Frames for Airplane Hangar Doors

Personnel doors provide convenient or emergency egress from the hangar to the flight line and can be installed in a door leaf, or pocket space.

Drainage for Sliding Door Tracks

When designing or refurbishing a large door for a hangar, it’s strongly advisable to include a drainage system on each side of the bottom tracks for rainwater to run off. Inadequate drainage means ASCE rail will corrode in stagnant rainwater.

Comparison: Vertical Lifting Hangar Doors or Horizontal Moving?

With so many different styles of hangar door to choose from, we decided it would be helpful to separate those which operate horizontally and those vertically.

Motorized Hangar Doors Overview, Types and Features

There are two models of door opener on the market, the difference between them is how they move the door, how much space is required, functionality features and price.

Hangar Doors Buyers Guide 2021

The most important function of any hangar construction project is the safe and easy way for airplanes to enter and exit and protect the inside when the door is closed. No matter what the weather conditions are the doors must be safe to operate.

What are Safety Sensing Edges and How are they used on Hangar Doors?

The primary goal is to stop the movement of the hangar door before it comes in to contact with an aircraft, a tug, or something else.

Wheels & Caster Replacement and Specifications

Hangar door wheels shall be of steel plate or cast steel, having a minimum tread diameter as required for the actual wheel loading.

Bottom Rolling Large Hangar Door Configurations

The beauty of a bottom rolling door is there’s so many different ways that they can operate. There’s a design to suit almost every set of circumstances.

Electric Motors for Aircraft Hangar Doors

Each electric motor is designed around the specifications of the hangar door, which ensures key performance attributes such as traction and horse power are met.

AeroDoor COVID-19 Update

Our safety training and Covid 19 protocols will continue to evolve as this virus develops and we learn more.

Aircraft Hangar Door Construction Guide

Before hangar construction, you must assess the current state of your airport or airpark, how well it operates, and the viability of new hangar construction.