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Why grease pins on your hangar door wheels are critical

Wheels and bearings are critical components on a bottom rolling hangar door. They carry the weight of the door and must move freely. A door that is difficult to move will wear down drive components.

Hangar Door Deflection and Top Guide Rollers

When we use the terms wind or live load deflection in horizontal rolling hangar doors we’re talking about how many inches of vertical movement (+/-) a door can tolerate from wind or snow.

Electric Motors and Controls – Junction Box

The junction box should be installed in the top corner, next to where the hangar door top track system ends. Watch the video.

Electric Motors for Aircraft Hangar Doors

Each electric motor is designed around the specifications of the hangar door, which ensures key performance attributes such as traction and horse power are met.

AeroDoor COVID-19 Update

Our safety training and Covid 19 protocols will continue to evolve as this virus develops and we learn more.