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Personnel Door Frames for Airplane Hangar Doors

Personnel doors provide convenient or emergency egress from the hangar to the flight line and can be installed in a door leaf, or pocket space.

Drainage for Sliding Door Tracks

When designing or refurbishing a large door for a hangar, it’s strongly advisable to include a drainage system on each side of the bottom tracks for rainwater to run off. Inadequate drainage means ASCE rail will corrode in stagnant rainwater.

What is a Soffit Closure Plate?

There are two models of door opener on the market, the difference between them is how they move the door, how much space is required, functionality features and price.

Electric Motors and Controls – Junction Box

The junction box should be installed in the top corner, next to where the hangar door top track system ends. Watch the video.

Bottom Rolling Large Hangar Door Configurations

The beauty of a bottom rolling door is there’s so many different ways that they can operate. There’s a design to suit almost every set of circumstances.