Add natural light with hangar door windows

Hangar door windows or translucent wall panels are a great way to add aesthetic flare to your building while allowing natural light to penetrate the hangar.

You have a limitless choice of window designs to choose from. The only restrictions are that window frame openings must not exceed the width or depth of the door frame. Horizontal rolling doors typically start at 8-inches deep.

Translucent wall panels are fixed to the exterior of the hangar door leaves in a similar method to a regular wall panel. You must calculate the maximum unsupported area allowed for the wall panels and ensure adequote bracing is provided.

3 reasons why you should use windows or translucent panels in your hangar door

Natural light

Instead of relying on lights in your hangar use a series of windows. Let the earths natural sky light up the inside of your hangar and reduce energy costs. The modern pre-engineered metal building designers are using windows and translucent panels to illuminate aircraft hangars because it’s proven to reduce energy costs.


Google “daylight productivity workers”. It’s a known fact that daylight can stimulate the mind and helps to reduce stress. Natural light in a busy maintenance and repair hangar can help to increase creativity and well-being among humans by up to 15%.

Curb Appeal

Windows break up the focus on metal wall panels. Since the hangar door is the face of your building, having a customized window finish will certainly add appeal and possible value to the asset.

The creativity you express in your hangar door windows design can make the project personalized and can follow the design trends on all four exterior walls. You could use a symmetrical window design on each side of the building.

How to choose a window design

Windows are specified by the architect, and as part of the design they will issue the hangar door manufacturer with the framed opening requirements of the chosen window. These frames will be included in the fabrication of the hangar door. After hangar door installation, a window contractor will be responsible for the installation of the window, trim sealant.

The choice of window design and specification will be limited only by depth and width of the door leaf. A conversation with a hangar door manufacturer at the very beginning will help determine these parameters.

A translucent wall panel needs to be braced horizontally and vertically by the hangar door so early integration is advisable. . After the hangar door is installed, a sheeting contractor can apply any additional bracing and fasten the translucent panels to the hangar door frames.

In some cases there will be obstructed views behind the glass or translucent panels because of the x-bracing or structural steel which the hangar door leaf needs to maintain structure and prevent sagging. These are reasons to talk to a hangar door manufacturer during the initial design phase to find out if this will be apparent on yours.

Understanding the importance of window frame dimensions and locations for hangar doors

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