There are two primary options for motorized bottom rolling hangar door leaf systems. There needs to be a way to “pick up” the trailing leaves as the door is opening and closing.

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When a motorized door is opening or closing there needs to be a way for the motorized leaf to pick up the trailing leaves. This is done by either pickup brackets or a cable system. These also keep your hangar door leaves secure when the door is closed.

Every motorized hangar door will include a pickup bracket as standard. But read on to learn when you should be upgrading to a cable system.

The Standard: Pickup Bracket System

Hangar door leaf pickup brackets

Pickup brackets are staggered on each door leaf. When the motorized leaf known as the drive leaf is about to bypass each idle leaf, the pickup bracket will ensure it’s picked up and carried. The process is reversed when closing the door.

A pickup bracket is made from steel and is designed to accept operational loads imparted by the lead leaf. It has a rubber cushion to reduce noise and impact load.

Pickup brackets may be preferred when there is limited space behind or between the doors, when the doors are short (under 40 feet), and when cost is critical. The bracket is positioned at a minimum of 8ft high to prevent injury or hazards.

Upgraded Option: Cable Systems

A cable system interconnects the leaves so they all move in concert. With a cable system the door leaves do not make contact with one another. For this reason cable systems are preferred to reduce impact and potential fatigue issues especially in large, heavy doors that are 40 feet and greater.

Cable systems require more spacing between the door leaves to accommodate the sheave brackets and wire rope.

Pricing & Use Case Comparison

Pickup Bracket SystemPreferred with limited space between doorsFor smaller, lighter, or shorter doors under 40 feet$150 – 250 per door leafLower cost, limited spacing, more contact and shorter life span
Cable SystemRequires some space between leavesFor larger, heavier doors greater than 40 feet. $6 – 20k based on system requirementsHigher cost option, but improved operation, minimal contact and long shelf life.

A pickup bracket is a standard feature on every motorized hangar door and prices range from $150 to $250 per door leaf.

Cable system pricing ranges from $6,000 up to $20,000 depending on door configuration and other circumstances.

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