Configurations for Bottom Rolling Doors

The beauty of a bottom rolling door is there’s so many different ways that they can operate. There’s a design to suit almost every set of circumstances.

Today we’re going to focus on horizontal bottom rolling door designs which require no pocket space.

Option 1 “Dual Slide” Configuration

The least expensive option and for good reason. The panels can be stacked behind one another in a stationary position, but they cannot be moved as a stacked group. They can only move the same way that a train or slinky operates, which makes door operation a time consuming task on wide openings.

Dual slide configuration

“Dual Slide” Configuration

Option 2 “Group” Configuration

Group Movement

“Group” Configuration

Operates like a train or a slinky in the same way as Option 1, except now the operator can control the slave panel from the drive panel. Here we’re reducing the time it takes to open and close the hangar door compared to Option 1.

Option 3 “Stacking Group” Configuration

Stacking Group

“Stacking Group” Configuration

The panels can be stacked behind one another and moved in a stacking group. This is the fastest and most efficient way to operate your hangar door.