Information about aircraft hangar doors

information about aircraft hangar doors open with C17 entering

Information about aircraft hangar doors.

Choosing a hangar door.

The choice and size of door will define the success or failure of your hangar.

Lets start with the importance of choosing the right size of door and some examples. If your an FBO and the door is not large enough for the aircraft you intend to store you’re going to reduce your market catchment potential. Alternatively If the hangar door is not large enough for the new aircraft you have your eye on, your hangar is in risk of becoming an asset that no longer works for you.

Now lets talk about the types of hangar door available because there are many and they impact building design and cost in different ways. For simplicity it’s easy to remind people that hangar doors either need space above the opening, beyond the width of the opening, or inside of the opening.

The width and height of the building end wall will play a major factor in the choice of hangar doors available to you.

Hangar doors open with multiple aircraft on show

For example if your hangar door needs to be eighty feet wide and your building is only eighty five feet wide, that is going to rule out a bottom rolling hangar door which more than five feet of space beyond the width of the opening.

A good sales person will review your requirements and then explain the choices of hangar door available to you.

Tips before buying a hangar door.

Here’s some great things to think about when choosing your hangar door.

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“You have a style of hangar door here that can be designed and configured so many different ways. There’s rarely an instance our bottom rolling door isn’t going to improve functionality and value”.

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Hangar Door Choices

Bottom rolling hangar doors are a series of panels that move on a locomotive rail(s) that is embedded in to the concrete below. Above the door panels is another track(s) that is fixed to the building structure.  Together the bottom rail and top track form a guide for each door panel to move left or right.

A bi-fold hangar door will lift vertically when you open it. As it does so the panel folds in center to reduce the amount of hangar door hanging over the apron. The bi-fold door is lifted via a motor with cables or straps and is suitable for small aircraft hangars.

The hydraulic hangar door lifts vertically using a pair of hydraulic cylinders and a hydraulic pump. As the pump pushes fluid into the hydraulic cylinders they extended and push the door outwards or open. In the fully open position the entire door will hangar over the apron. The hydraulic hangar door is suitable for small aircraft hangars.

Hangar door open with jets on display
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Hangar Door Features

Here are a list of common features of hangar doors.

Design Criteria

  • Customized sizes

  • Hot rolled steel structure
  • Suitable for any wind load
  • Accept various depths of sheeting and insulation.

Options & Upgrades

  • Sensing edges

  • Cable systems

  • Access door & window frames

  • Explosion proof components.

Photos of Hangar Doors

These photos of hangar doors highlight the various sizes, configurations and colors available.

Hangar Door CAD

Hangar Door Engineering

We provide free preliminary engineering and calculations for every hangar door that we quote.

This information allows the clients team to design the building around the hangar door which is always recommended for new construction.

On the other hand if your hangar door will be implemented on an existing building we will still provide the same engineering and calculations but we may approach some things differently to get the best results for you.

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