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The complete hangar door installation from AeroDoor.

There’s nothing ordinary about our installation service. AeroDoor install every door using our own highly trained crews and deliver a turnkey installation so there’s little left for the client to be concerned with.

  • Installation of the full door system includes rail, top track, door leaves, electrical and extras.

  • AeroDoor has 4 decades of experience working on airports, the space coast, and Military bases.
  • All employees maintain the relevant industry certifications and insurance for working on large scale job sites.

Hangar Door Installation from AeroDoor

Every hangar door that we manufacture might be different in size, configuration and wind load. But every client fundamentally wants the same thing which is a simple and transparent sales journey, and the minimum number of sub contractors possible. To be able to meet those needs AeroDoor offer a turnkey hangar door installation service.

Unloading hangar door material on the job site

AeroDoor make your job easier.

When design, manufacturing, installation and future servicing are handled by one company it saves you time, money and risk.

AeroDoor are responsible for all freight, material unloading, hangar door assembly and erection, owner training, door warranty and servicing.

Trust the experts.

Door and Tail Door being installed.

Our turnkey approach will save you money.

A hangar door manufactured and installed by AeroDoor is not premium priced. If you go out and price our competitors doors and then add the same level of installation and warranty needed to make them useful, you’ll find in most cases they are more expensive.

AeroDoor compare favorably and people see that after using us.

Two jets underneath open aircraft hangar - door by AeroDoor.

We have a team behind you every step of the way.

From the initial enquiry to the date of completion you’ll have a team of people at AeroDoor working towards delivering what we promised here on this web site and in our bid.

We make every staff member accessible to you and your team, ensuring you have all the information you need to deliver your project the way you want to.

Key Points

We’d love the opportunity to discuss everything we can offer you, but until you’re ready to talk here’s a brief snapshot of what we want you to know before you leave.

  • Nationwide installations, including the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

  • AeroDoor was established in 1978 and is still under the same family of ownership.

  • Experienced sub contractor on large scale construction projects.

  • Design and manufacturing in sync means hangar door delivery and installation dates can be flexible.

  • Nothing kills your profitability and timeline like multiple sub contractors. AeroDoor become your only sub contractor for the door.


What size hangar doors do AeroDoor install?2021-04-15T12:09:21+00:00

To date the largest hangar door AeroDoor have manufactured and installed is 112ft tall (2020).

How long does it take to install a steel sliding hangar door?2021-02-23T00:47:30+00:00

The time scale will depend on the size and location of the hangar door. Please contact us or email with your door dimensions and location for a clearer answer.

Do hangar doors include the sheeting and insulation?2021-04-15T12:13:05+00:00

No. Exterior covering, insulation, interior liner panels, perimeter trim, and flashing are excluded.

Can I install a steel sliding door on an existing hangar that has a different door at present?2021-04-15T12:03:21+00:00

In most cases AeroDoor installers can remove the existing hangar door for you and install a new horizontal steel sliding hangar door.

Can AeroDoor replace partial bottom rail that is damaged?2021-03-29T15:38:55+00:00

Yes. AeroDoor supply and install complete or partial sections of ASCE bottom rail for existing steel sliding doors. We also include new anchor bolts and levelling angles if necessary.


We’re really keen to hear from you. Please contact us and a member of the AeroDoor team will be in touch.

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Founded in 1978, AeroDoor is a family owned company committed to the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of aircraft hangar doors.

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