Hangar Door Wheels for Bottom Rolling Doors.

Replace your existing bottom rolling door wheels with ours.


We offer the wheels we use on our own bottom rolling doors in a range of sizes, starting from 6-inch diameter going up and beyond 24-inch diameter.

  • Hangar door wheels shall be of steel plate or cast steel, having a minimum tread diameter as required for the actual wheel loading. We design our wheel assemblies to permit installation or removal of the wheel without removing the hangar door leaf from its position on the rail.

  • Treads: Machine wheel treads are concentric with bearing seats. The clear distance between flanges shall not exceed the width of the rail by more than 1/8 inch at the tread nor more than 1/4 inch at the edge of the flange. Machine internal bearing sits accurately for a press fit.

  • We offer to heat treat wheels to obtain a rim hardness of 320 Brinnel.

  • We offer tapered roller or spherical bearings, either internal or cartridge type, arranged so that both horizontal and vertical loads shall be transferred to the rail only through the bearing. Bearings shall be tightly sealed and equipped with high-pressure grease fittings.

  • We offer nationwide installation of our wheels.

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    Published On: January 30th, 2021 / Categories: Bottom Rolling Door /

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