Motor operators for aircraft hangar doors

Motor Operators for new or existing
Aircraft Hangar Doors.

Six Top Of The Line Features

1 – Variable Frequency Drive Computer System

The unit comes factory programmed to suit most applications. However it can be field programmed to adapt to a specific requirement or owner preference.

Programmable Parameters:

  1. Torque boost: To get even the largest and heaviest doors moving.
  2. Acceleration Time: Smoothly gets the door started. No more sudden jerky movements or tire spin on start up.
  3. Deceleration Time: Brings door to a slow and smooth stop. No more violent stops from full speed.
  4. Top Speed: Allows field adjustment to the projects needs.
  5. Multiple Speeds: Allows door to operate in high speed mode in wide openings and then slow down to normal speed for parking.
  6. Built in Diagnostics: Alerts technician to problems with building power such as low voltage or power spikes.

2- Totally enclosed, fan cooled, inverter-duty rated motor.

Our own AeroGlide motor operators are designed to withstand the harshest environments and heavy usage.

3 – Nord Unibloc Gearbox

  1. One-piece case design eliminates oil leaks.
  2. Greatly oversized output bearings for extended life and greater reserve load capacity.

4 – 2,500lb Capacity Centerbore Stub Axle

Center boring our axle allows maintenance crews to pressure lubricate the sealed automotive bearings through a built in zerk fitting. There is no need to disassemble the unit to repack the wheel bearings.

5 – Adjustable Jack Plate

Allows the drive wheel to be adjusted down for maximum traction or adjusted up off the floor in case of power failure.

6 – Weather hood is standard on all models.AeroGlide Motor Operators

Control panel box for hangar door

We design and build all our motor operators and control boxes on a project by project basis so we can offer clients customizable features, and the greatest amount of power and traction.

rubber tire motor operator

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