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Hangar Door Manufacturing

Manufactured for any size aircraft hangar or large bay opening.

  • 4-Decades of manufacturing aircraft hangar doors for business, commercial and military aviation.

  • We use certified welders.
  • Every hangar door we manufacture has been designed, signed and sealed by our own Registered Professional Engineers.

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We back our workmanship by slapping a 5-year warranty on every hangar door we build.

Jason Mathews

Co Owner & Manufacturing Manager, AeroDoor International.

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Aiming to deliver utterly compelling hangar doors

with a faultless experience.

Our goal is to manufacture the best hangar doors in the world. Doors that we are proud to sell and clients will recommend to others, and we want to do that at the lowest prices that we can.

But we have to share that there are some hangar doors in our industry that we wouldn’t be proud to build, that we wouldn’t be proud to recommend. AeroDoor will not ship junk – there are thresholds that we cannot cross because of who we are. It’s not in our corporate or personal background to do that. We want to manufacture and install the best hangar doors in the world, and we think there’s a slice of the market that wants that too!

You will also find that our doors aren’t premium priced. If you go out and price our competitors doors, and you add the features you need to make them useful, then you’ll find in most cases that they are more expensive than ours.

The difference is we don’t offer a stripped down door and if you compare us I think we compare favorably.

All our doors are engineered, manufactured and installed by our own people because we are serious about being the best out there.

Top of the Line Specifications

Hangar Door Design

Our hangar doors are designed and manufactured to applicable structural and wind design codes, and offer integration of your building with no binding or interference.

Buy American Act

We offer components purchased inside the United States of America.

Painting & Coatings

We offer SSPC cleaning and coating services on all ferrous metals, as well as optional Zinc-Rich epoxy primers.

Load & Deflection

Offered in accordance with UFC 1-200-01, UFC 3-301-01 and all other UFC DOD criteria.

Electrical Certifications

We provide the proper electrical equipment and controls built in accordance with the necessary NEMA and NFPA standards.


5-Year warranty against defects in material and workmanship beginning on the date of project acceptance.

Jonathan Mathews

Co-Owner, AeroDoor International.

We want to earn your busines.

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

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Choosing the right bottom rolling door.

Learn more about the design possibilities this multifunctional hangar door offers.

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“You have a style of hangar door here that can be designed and configured so many different ways. There’s rarely an instance our bottom rolling door isn’t going to improve functionality and value”.

Paul Blake

AeroDoor Project Director

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“We’ve been blessed with opportunities to see aircraft hangars that utilize our hangar door being used during Presidential rallies all over America. Shows great scale.”

Jonathan Mathews

AeroDoor Co-Owner and Site Superintendent.

Install hangar door electrical scope

“We offer military grade sensing edges that stop the door from coming into contact with anything.”

Tara Grey

AeroDoor, General Manager.

Some of our Work

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Why Clients Choose AeroDoor.

Hangar Construction

Every aircraft hangar door we sell is managed by a project manager and a team of people who are there to support the client and their team.

We do this the best workforce in this industry. We believe that by investing in people with the right experience and by manufacturing hangar doors with the best components, we will deliver the best product and service in class.

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We offer a turnkey service to make everything super


From the start you’ll have your own project manager and direct access to our site super intendants, our manufacturing manager and our payables manageress.

Essential an any large scale project. We’ll monitor your project schedule to ensure your hangar door is delivered when you need it there.

Zero outsourcing. AeroDoor will design, manufacture, install and fulfill any warranty duties.

Full de-brief with us on completion of the project. A chance to make sure everybody’s happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use your hangar door on an existing building?2020-10-12T18:02:18+00:00

In most cases yes. Our hangar door can be used on existing buildings.

I’m an architect designing a new aircraft hangar. What information can you provide?2020-10-09T12:13:14+00:00

We will provide you with pricing, engineering and specifications. This information will allow you to ascertain the projected costs.

What is the lead time for a bottom rolling hangar door?2020-10-09T12:17:03+00:00

To give yourself enough time to review and approve our engineering we suggest at a minimum of 8-weeks. We always recommend talking to us for the latest lead times as they are often dictated by the size of the project and the time of year.

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