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Almost 4 Decades of Experience

A handful of companies can build hangar doors. We separate ourselves from the rest because we deliver value throughout the construction process.

Our company is the model of the total team. Project Manager. Engineer. Fabricator. Installer. We’re all here for one purpose — to get the job done. And at the end of the day, we deliver hangar doors that help clients meet their needs. We deliver exactly the door and build you need, within your project parameters and in a process that makes hangar construction as easy for you as possible.


With engineering, project managers, manufacturing, installation, and servicing all in one company we’re defining the leading edge of a true subcontractor. Unlock your full potential by leveraging our strengths as a hangar door company.


We’re as proud of our people as we are of our products.
Our commitment to being successful makes us a trusted hangar door manufacturer to our customers and a second family to our team of people.

Our People

Your success is fueled by passionate people united in a culture of transparency, teamwork and the culture of fabrication, construction and aviation.

Our Clients

We aspire to be an asset to our clients, working for the success of a project through good products, services and unparalleled expertise.

Our Suppliers

We share our expertise with our suppliers through experience, training and learning from our customer’s needs. The results are better products and experiences for our clients.

Customized Hangar Door Systems
To Suit Your Needs

Whether it’s new hangar construction or a retro fit, AeroDoor offer
all 3 hangar door systems, so you can build a a design efficiency hangar.

Bifold Door

  • Recommended for openings up to 50ft wide and 20ft tall.
  • A low cost hangar door solution.
  • Vertical lifting door that attaches to the buildings header.
  • Recommended for openings up to 50ft wide or 24ft tall.
  • Vertical lifting door that attaches to the building’s header.
  • Vertical Lifting (cables)
  • Great for private, t-hangars, commercial or charter aircraft
  • Requires AC power
  • For openings up to 85ft wide or 24ft tall.

Higher Power Door

  • Recommended for openings up to 120ft wide or 26ft tall.
  • Puts no load onto the building except wind load. This may reduce the cost of your building compared with a bi-fold or hydraulic swing door.
  • Its efficient design makes it a cost effective door solution and delivers great performance for minimal annual maintenance.
  • Vertical lifting (2 hydraulic cylinders)
  • Great for private, t-hangars, commercial or charter aircraft
  • Requires AC power (DC option available)
  • For openings up to 160ft wide or 55ft tall

Bottom Rolling Door

  • Suitable for any size of opening.
  • The original and most popular hangar door system.
  • Multiple door configurations available. (bi-parting, single slide, floating)
  • Requires minimal annual maintenance
  • Door panels slide horizontally on wheels
  • Various door panel configurations available
  • Great for commercial jet, charter, fixed base, MRO operator or Military
  • Motorized or manual operation
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