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Earn 12-24 Inches More Clearance
With This Patent Protected Door System.

A bifold door design that gives you more clear headroom than our competitors who sell the same size door!

A Patent Protected Bifold Door System Like No Other

The bi-fold door needs more headspace than a hydraulic door, but to some people that’s not a problem, so long as they are getting the most for their money, and that’s what they get with this bifold door system.

This door gives you up to 24-inches more clear opening height than the same size door from our competitors. With that in mind, you can either reduce the size of door you need, or simply gain more clear headspace!

That’s not all. We also include a lifetime warranty on the lifting cables, which we believe is something else you won’t find anywhere else.  That’s because we use the same cables found in commercial elevators. Each cable exceeds a 5:1 safety factor!

  • For new or existing construction.
  • Gives more clear opening than any other bifold door.
  • We can work with your building manufacturer or architect at no cost.
  • We believe it’s the easiest bi-fold door to install on the market.
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Bi-fold door for t-hangars and single box hangars

Make It The Last Bifold Door You Ever Buy!

A Simple Concept, Yet Seamless In Design

  • There’s no need to increase the height of the entire building, or add a support above the roof line. This can be necessary for other bifold doors to make up for clearance lost when the door is fully open.
  • Patented auxiliary arms on the door enable it to open to within 10 to 28 inches of the hinge mounting line without putting undue stress on the building jamb posts.
  • It’s a bifold door that keeps bad weather out. When fully open it forms a canopy over the opening for protection from sun or rain. When closed, sturdy jamb latches and a durable bottom rubber seal keep out foul weather.
  • The center hinge folding action and high strength cable system pull the door up and away from ice and snow to assure year round door operation.

A BiFold Door That Goes Above & Beyond Expectation

New Construction Advantages

  • High clearance advantages of the bi-fold door allow you to reduce new building costs in four important ways:
  • Up to 24-inches more clearance than other bifold doors, allowing you to lower the eave height of your hangar by the same amount! $$$$
  • A lower building height could help you to overcome height restriction laws set by the airport, or local building codes.
  • Less sheeting, trim and fasteners will be required.
  • A smaller door means less building loads. This reduces the material costs in your building, saving you even more money. $$$$
Bifold Door Advantage - New Hangar Construction

Existing Construction Advantages

  • Retrofitting our bi-fold door onto an existing building will give you more headroom clearance than a standard bi-fold door.
  • You can replace worn out, hard to operate bifold doors, hydraulic doors or sliding doors with our bi-fold door with ease.
  • We provide the engineering and door drawings to make the transition safe and easy.
  • Unlike other bifolds, we pre-install most of the hardware on the door before we ship it to you. That saves you an unprecedented amount of time and headache when installing.
Bifold Door Advantage - Existing Hangar Construction


Architects & Engineers

As an architect you’ll be looking for  design efficient, safe and long lasting bi-fold doors.

What we offer are the only bi-fold doors with high clearance advantages, requiring less overhead space and engineer certification. This all welded door, made from heavy duty steel tubing sizes, is ready for many years of day in, day out use with minimal maintenance.

If you would like to view a bi-fold door in operation we have thousands across the country and would love to organize a test drive. For more information please call us at  866.226.3667

  • Architect Specifications | Door Loads & Reactions | Door Frame Plans
  • Installation Manual | Unloading Information
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