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We have a proud story as a hangar door manufacturer and installer that dates back to 1978.

Headquartered in Eustis Florida, we bring over 40 years of national experience to the hangar door industry; with a reputation for delivering large and unique design-build hangar doors that are on schedule and to the clients budget.

Our company has served the Militaryaviation corporations and general contractors for over four decades. During that time we’ve found the the key to every project’s success is understanding the owner’s needs and expectations, and then exceeding those expectations.

Design and manufacturing of aircraft hangar doors, specifically bottom rolling doors and motor operators.
Installation of bottom rolling hangar doors. Installation is often turnkey and includes both rails, door panels, motors, any safety edge and low voltage wiring.
Repair or Upgrade
When combined our 3 technicians carry over 70 years experience in the repair of bottom rolling door hardware and the electrical control system.
We offer a 43-point Preventative Maintenance Inspection on existing bottom rolling doors. Includes a full report documenting any comments, work carried out and possible areas of concern.

Other Services

We do more than just manufacture and install hangar doors.

Replacement Weather Seal or Brush
We offer replacement weather seal and brush to improve the sealability of your aircraft hangar door. Installation by AeroDoor is optional.
Motor Operators & Controls
We manufacture motor operators and controls that can be retro fitted to existing bottom rolling doors.
Replacement Bottom Rail
We can supply and install new ASCE bottom rail and levelling angles on your existing hangar door system.
Replacement Door Wheels
We offer an extensive range of drive and idle wheels for bottom rolling doors.
Safety Edge
Market leading safety edge to stop hangar door operation before the leading edge panel comes into contact with an obstacle.
Replacement Top Hardware
We offer a range of fixed and telescoping hardware that can retrofitted to existing bottom rolling doors.
Replacement VFD
We can replace the variable frequency drive in your door control panel.
Resize Existing Hangar Doors
AeroDoor have experience in increasing the clear opening space on your bottom rolling doors. (subject to your conditions)
Add a tail door
AeroDoor will design and install a tail door to increase the clear opening height of your existing aircraft hangar. (subject to your conditions)
Preventative Maintenance Inspection
An AeroDoor technician will complete a full 43-point inspection on your bottom rolling door system. Following the inspection we’ll deliver a full report documenting any comments, work done and areas of concern.


We fabricate every door at our own facilities, using our own employees. We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards and together with our partners, we go above and beyond the accepted industry practices to manufacture the safest, most durable and cleanest hangar doors in the industry. We’ve been doing this under one family of ownership since 1978.


We aim to give the best onsite experience possible by using our own employees for every hangar door installation. We’ve partnered with some of the worlds most successful general contractors in the aircraft hangar industry to install our bottom rolling doors. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey installation, or just a specific portion of the work, you have access to AeroDoor experts who are certified, insured and licensed.

Service & Upgrade

AeroDoor have the capabilities to fulfill everything from a small service call, to the big jobs that need to be run like a new hangar construction project would be.  We have the human resources to manage replacement rail, widen a clear opening, add a tail door or remove and replace the hangar door. 

See some of our repairs, upgrades and service work.

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Bottom Rolling Hangar Door – Bi Parting Configuration – ATLKC
Bottom Rolling Hangar Door – Bi Parting Configuration – ATLKC
Bottom Rolling Hangar Door – All Moving Configuration – FTC
Bottom Rolling Hangar Door – All Moving Configuration – FTC
Bottom Rolling Hangar Door – Unidirectional – LRA
Bottom Rolling Hangar Door – Unidirectional – LRA
Bottom Rolling Hangar Door -All Moving Configuration – GS
Bottom Rolling Hangar Door -All Moving Configuration – GS