Go Turnkey With AeroDoor And Save Yourself Time, Money & Headaches.

One turnkey project I’d like to share was the Boeing 747 Cargo Hangar and Facility for the Melbourne Airport Authority. AeroDoor was under agreement from the initial door design to handing over a fully operational bottom rolling door system.

This 78,260 square foot hangar (image right) utilizes AeroDoors 250 feet x 45 feet bottom rolling door,  33 feet x 10 feet tail door and our flagship AeroGlide motor operators. Installation of the hangar door included tail door, electrical scope and finishes.



One Company To Contact

Nothing kills the timeline of your project like having to communicate with multiple sub contractors,  trying to get them to communicate with each other.  You’ll find yourselves spending hours trying to communicate a single change to all parties involved.

AeroDoor would be your only port of call.  One email, one phonecall. Everything taken care of.

One Company To Invoice

Ever find yourself keeping track of multiple invoices from multiple contractors for one portion of the job? It’s wasting time, money and efficiency.

Go turnkey with AeroDoor and there’s only one place you’re receiving invoices from.  Imagine how much easier that makes your accounting process not to mention the money you could save buying from a single source.

Design, Manufacturing & Installation In Sync

Need to make a last minute change to the hangar door? Do you need the bottom rail installed sooner than expected? With turnkey changes are simple and there’s no need to inform multiple sub contractors.

Any change is immediately communicated and AeroDoor will factor that into the design, manufacturing and the installation process.

Discounted Prices

When AeroDoor manage the design, manufacturing and installation it’s easier for us to provide discounts on services and make the overall cost of the hangar door cheaper than if you work with multiple companies.

Turnkey offers many tangible and intangible benefits you won’t see when working with multiple sub contractors.

Greater Quality & Responsibility

Turnkey means AeroDoor are responsible for the entire door contract and leaves no room for complacency.

Try to gain the same level of service from multiple sub contractors. You’ll find somebody always lets you down or can’t deliver your last minute changes. This  causes you more set backs, delays and the potential for mistakes. 



“Installation of the bottom rail is just one job that needs a professional. Don’t hire multiple contractors when AeroDoor can do a professional service for a lower fixed price.”




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