Top Guide Rollers on a hangar door

Steel Top Guides for Hangar Doors

Upgrade your existing sliding door hardware to the very same top guides used by AeroDoor.

Order one or more sets of our rolling top guides and we’ll design them to slot straight into your existing hangar door. We’ll install them too.

Replacing the top guide hardware on your steel sliding hangar door.

Steel sliding hangar doors should rarely need a top guide roller replaced, but not all hangar door manufacturers build to AeroDoors standards. When these types of enquiries come our way we are always happy to help a client add value to their asset.

A top guide roller connects the top track to the door panel and in most cases each door panel has two rollers. When replacing a top guide roller, the door panel is removed from the top track but is still standing in a vertical position. At this point the door panel could crash to the floor if the technicians aren’t experienced and following the correct lift plan.

To prevent any risk to the client or others, AeroDoor technicians travel nationwide to install replacement top guide hardware.

Types of Top Guide Rollers:

  • Telescoping top guide rollers: These are used on almost all AeroDoor steel rolling hangar doors. Supplied with 4 each horizontal and 4 each vertical rollers. Wheels are equipped with bronze oilite bushing for permanent lubrication. The amount of positive and negative deflection can be customized to meet the requirements of the buildings roof deflection.

  • Fixed top guide rollers: Horizontal type with single or double steel rollers of suitable diameter and thickness for satisfactory performance under the designated load conditions. These are most suitable for wind loads under 120mph and doors less than 22′ tall.

  • Single Angle Top Guides: For straight sliding doors not over 6″ thick. Multiple parallel doors are readily guided with minimum superstructure metal. One guide angle per door run. Ideal for use with our 9″ or 12″ Bottom Rollers. Wheels are equipped with Oilite bronze bushings for permanent lubrication. Also available with rubber bumper stops. Made right or left hand.

  • Single Wheel Top Guides: Our Single Wheel Top Guide is a substantial top guide. Designed to handle large wind loading on openings with little deflection. Standard sizes range from 5″ diameter to 10″ diameter wheels. Special sizes are available upon request. Wheels are solid steel with Oilite bronze bushings for permanent lubrication.

  • Double Wheel Top Guides: As with our Single Wheel Top Guide, the Double Wheel Top Guide is designed to handle large wind loads. For wide panels (10″ or wider). Standard with 6″ diameter wheels. Wheel and hole spacing as required. Wheels are equipped with Oilite bronze bushings for permanent lubrication.

  • We offer nationwide installation of our top guide hardware.

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