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Hangar Door Manufacturer and Supplier of Steel Sliding Hangar Doors2021-02-23T00:39:40+00:00
Hangar Door Manufacturer

Hangar Door Manufacturer

Steel sliding hangar doors manufactured for any size aircraft hangar or large bay opening.

  • 4-decades as a hangar door manufacturer for business, commercial and military aviation.

  • Ever door is built to order. Designed and approved by a registered engineer in your chosen state.

  • Hangar door supplier to private, commercial and military aviation.

Since 1978, AeroDoor has manufactured strong, durable and long lasting steel sliding hangar doors. We are honored to have installed our hangar doors on U.S. Military bases both at home and abroad, and witnessed our hangar doors overcome the harshest and most dangerous storms to ever hit South Florida.

As AeroDoor continues to deliver more and more hangar doors to customers around the world, we always aim for the highest possible level of craftsmanship and an unrelenting desire on designing and delivering the most complete hangar doors in the marketplace.

Every AeroDoor hangar door is manufactured to fit the opening dimensions agreed with the client. Our steel sliding hangar doors are manufactured to glide and operate flawlessly, without damage to weather stripping or the adjacent structure.

Prior to manufacturing, hangar door plans and calculations will be delivered by an AeroDoor registered engineer to you for review. These are known as the hangar door submittals and calculations package. They are unique to your hangar door and show in detail the steel, bracing, hardware and electrical components we have used. The calculations provide the detail necessary to prove that your hangar door is designed to withstand the wind forces that can be expected in the region it will be installed.


We  typically exclude sheeting, trim and insulation for our doors. This should be sourced from the PEMB or  a local supplier.

Lead Time

Every hangar door is built to measure so expect several weeks lead time from when you place your order to when the hangar door is delivered.


We provide a 5-year warranty on all fabrication and workmanship labor.

Hangar Door Supplier of Hardware & Parts.

If you’re looking for a hangar door supplier to upgrade an existing hangar door, or to replace existing parts that have failed then AeroDoor can help you.

We manufacture a range of components that can be purchased and retro fitted to existing steel sliding hangar doors. AeroDoor are available install these for you.

All these are available to order and can be used on almost any brand of steel sliding hangar door.

View Parts
  • Bottom Rail
  • Wheels & Castors
  • Neoprene Weather Seal & Track Cleaners
  • Rolling Steel Top Guides
  • Electric Motor & Door Wheelers
  • Trolley Ducts
  • Safety Edge Bumpers
  • Cable Systems

Aiming to deliver utterly compelling hangar doors with a faultless experience.

At AeroDoor our goal as a hangar door manufacturer is to deliver the best hangar doors in the world. Doors that we would be are proud to sell and clients would recommend to others, and we want to do that at the lowest prices that we can.

But we have to share that there are some hangar doors in the industry that we wouldn’t be proud to build, that we wouldn’t be proud to recommend. AeroDoor will not ship junk – there are thresholds that we cannot cross because of who we are. It’s not in our corporate or personal background to do that. We want to manufacture and install the best hangar doors in the world, and we think there’s a slice of the market that wants that too.

You will also find that our doors aren’t premium priced. If you go out and price our competitors doors, and you add the features you need to make them useful, then you’ll find in most cases that they are more expensive than ours.

The difference is we don’t offer a stripped down hangar door and if you compare AeroDoor with other hangar door manufacturers I think we compare favorably.

All our doors are engineered, manufactured and installed by our own people because we are serious about being the best out there.

Manufacturing FAQs:

Where does AeroDoor manufacture hangar doors?2021-02-22T01:57:16+00:00

2700 Dillard Road, Eustis. FL 32726

What industries does AeroDoor have experience in?2021-02-22T01:54:04+00:00

AeroDoor manufacturers steel sliding doors for any type of large bay opening. Our doors are popular on projects that include space, marine storage or manufacturing facilities

As a hangar door manufacturer do AeroDoor only deal with general contractors?2021-02-22T01:57:46+00:00

AeroDoor will manufacture and install hangar doors for any body.

I’m an architect designing a new aircraft hangar. What information can you provide?2020-10-09T12:13:14+00:00

We will provide you with pricing, engineering and specifications. This information will allow you to ascertain the projected costs.

What is the lead time for a bottom rolling hangar door?2020-10-09T12:17:03+00:00

To give yourself enough time to review and approve our engineering we suggest at a minimum of 8-weeks. We always recommend talking to us for the latest lead times as they are often dictated by the size of the project and the time of year.