Hangar Door Wheels

Providing Power to the Hangar Doors Electric Motors & Controls

Information for any electrical contractor working with AeroDoor on steel sliding hangar doors.

If AeroDoor supply and install the conduit and wiring on the hangar door, the client is only responsible for providing a junction box that we can tie the hangar door electrical wiring in to.

This page uses a video and drawing to explain where the electrical junction box or boxes should be installed for us.

Junction Box Location

The junction box should be installed in the top corner, next to where the hangar door top track system ends. (see diagram A1)

AeroDoor employees will field locate with the general contractor or customer.

Junction Box or Boxes

In most configurations, if a hangar door is purchased with a trolley buss system we only need a junction box on one side of the opening. If the hangar door is purchased with SO cable, we need a junction box each side of the opening.

Please contact AeroDoor and we will review your order and determine which side or sides that you need to provide a junction box.

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Location of junction box for hangar doors electrical features

Diagram A1

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