Electric Motors for Hangar Doors

We offer a full line up of electric motors and control systems for bottom rolling hangar doors. These American made systems are suitable for almost any new or existing bottom rolling door system.

Made in the USA

Each electric motor is designed around the specifications of the hangar door, which ensures key performance attributes such as traction and horse power are met.

Electric Motors

There are two common types of electric motor for hangar doors.

The first type will be mounted internally within the door framing. This is commonly referred to as an in-frame motor operator. While the second type is just attached to the door panel. This has many names but the most common are rubber tire operator, pneumatic tire operator, or door wheeler.

Hangar Door Technician insects electric motor for hangar doors


The electric motor operator drives the powered door section. The non-powered door sections are interconnected to the powered door section by means of either a neoprene cushioned mechanical bumper pick-up system, or cables. Each traveling grouped multi-panel will travel using the top guide and bottom rail assemblies.


The electric motors consist of an electric brake motor, gear reducer, sprockets, roller chain, disconnect and tensioning device. Electric motor operators are suitable for single or three phase supply.