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Contract awarded for bottom rolling door at Virginia Tech.

AeroDoor International LLC

ORLANDO, Florida—October 27nd, 2015—AeroDoor International today announces the bottom rolling door contract award for Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA


About The Project

This aircraft hangar project can generally be described as a 140′ wide x 100′ deep hangar building with approximately 1300sf of offices and construction will begin immediately. The 100′ x 25 bi-parting bottom rolling door will consist of 6-leafs and will be driven by our AeroGlide motor operators.  AeroDoors contract includes the manufacturing and installation of the complete bottom rolling door.

In addition there will be 1,565 square feet of offices for Virginia PolyTechnic Institute (the Owner) to be located at the Montgomery Executive Airport in Blacksburg, Virginia. The building will be constructed with a pre-engineered steel structure, metal panel exterior walls, and a standing seam roof.

 “When you deliver great product and great service, general contractors will want to work with you. No project is an easy sell, especially public bids that incorporate design build aspects, but when AeroDoor explain the clear-cut advantages that we offer, it gives us ever chance of winning the work.”

AeroDoor Owner, Jonathan Mathews

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