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Self Supporting Hangar Door

The hangar door that shines through a relatively limited line up of hydraulic door manufacturers.

AeroDoor International

The choice of hangar doors for sub 65-foot openings was certainly missing something until manufacturers with self supporting hydraulic swing doors arrived. Other bi-fold doors and the original hydraulic swing door often rely heavily on the building for support which raises the cost of the building. So people manufacturing hydraulic doors like this (there’s now 4 to our knowledge) and it’s self supported frame have been very well received.

But what about the people shopping for a hangar door which already has a building? Well those self supporting hangar doors are still an option. That’s because unless your building was designed for the hydraulic swing door or a bifold door, it won’t be capable of supporting those doors. You need to choose a door that adds the least amount of load to your building. That door will be a self supporting hangar door!

It became apparent a long time ago that there was need for a hangar door that didn’t add loads to the building frame and after much thought and inspiration, the self supporting door concept started to emerge.

Where other vertical lifting hangar doors require expensive building reinforcement, these self supporting swing doors require a common framed opening but please remember it requires a bigger foundation support to carry the wind load.

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