Single Slide Bottom Rolling Door C130J

//Single Slide Bottom Rolling Door C130J
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Project Description

Single Slide Bottom Rolling Door C130J

Hangar Door Configuration:  5-Leaf, Single Slide Bottom Rolling Door
Opening Dimensions:  2 Doors 160′ x 48′

AeroDoor constructed two doors for two C-130J Fuel Maintenance Hangars. Interior spaces consist of maintenance rooms, locker rooms with showers, offices, training rooms, and break rooms. The hangar bays feature a high expansion foam fire suppression system and explosion proof hangar doors. Additional work included construction of a new deicer (glycol) facility, pump building, and storage tanks. Several site improvements were completed, such as a new tug road and an improved parking lot to accommodate approximately 45 vehicles.

Key Points

  • Northern Stack
  • Insulated Exterior Panel & Liner Panels.
  • AeroGlide Motor Operators (Explosion Proof System)
  • Safety Edges
  • Telescoping Hardware & Floating Weather Seal
  • Personnel doors
  • Linear Cable System
  • Track  Cleaners
  • Full weather stripping with 2-ply cloth inserted neoprene between leafs and at the bottom and top of each door panel, providing a full perimeter weather seal.