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Hydraulic door design brings key benefits to airports new T-hangars

Hydraulic door design takes sub 65ft  hangar doors to a new level of design efficiency.


About The Project

Sustainability and design efficiency are two words I’m hearing and using more and more when talking to clients about aircraft hangar construction. That is why I feel an eagerness to share with you a current AeroDoor project that uses the this door design.

Palatka Airport, a City owned airport in Florida represents your modern day municipality and it’s a nested t-hangar project that carries significant qualities of modern day design efficiency. This new 8-unit T-hangar in it’s simplest form is just another pre-engineered metal building lined with a bunch of hydraulic doors, but if we look a little closer, there’s 3 features that will change how you approach your next T-hangar project.

  1. The building has no soldier columns. The building will utilize the slide columns of the self supported hangar door instead.  Obviously this reduces the cost of the building, but it also reduces the width of the building, or increases the clear opening of each hangar bay.  (Your choice!)
  2. The self supported door’s ultra simple hydraulic door design doesn’t rely on the building header in the same way that a bi-fold door or the typical hydraulic swing door would. So thats more structural steel that can be removed from metal building costs. (More money saved!)
  3. When the self supported door is in the fully open position, 1/3 of the door slides back into the building similar to the old style garage doors. With this in mind you are less likely to see the wing of an aircraft clip the leading edge of the hangar door. Its also less likely to be damaged by a high gust of wind.

About The Hangar Door

The design is intelligent yet insanely simple. The biggest selling point has to be the impact, or lack of, that it has on your building. The only load it sends into the hangar is wind load, which means your spending less money on a building.

Operation is ultra smooth. The smoothest vertical lift hangar door I’ve seen. That’s down to the pressure less hydraulic circuit and the self contained pump unit that powers this door. The power unit comes in a neat black glossy finish and can be mounted to the wall or secured to the finished floor. The motor is submerged in the reservoir too which is another nice feature that will prolong the life of one of the most expensive components.

Door operation is the equivalent of closing the door on a Mercedes. No really it is! No horrible depressing noises and no hinges to worry about. If you’ve owned a bifold door or a hydraulic swing door before you’ll know what I’m talking about. This is a hingeless door, so you don’t need to get on a step ladder every year with a can of lube.  In fact before we close the chapter on door operation the only thing you might hear when you close this door is an audible siren to warn people in close proximity. Most other door manufacturers charge you for this feature, but safety shouldn’t have a price on it.


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