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Higher Power Door Engineering

Higher Power Door can be used on almost any type of structure which sets it apart from other hangar door designs. You probably won’t find another vertical lift door that can be installed onto a steel frame, wood frame, or fabric structure for the same money.

Higher Power Door does not impose any load onto the building, but the wind load is transferred through the door jambs in to your finished floor and building frame.

Higher Power Door is assembled in the field. All fittings and weather seals are provided.  Every Higher Power Door is built to engineering specification. We do ask that you ensure the door we quote you is built to the wind load category that your zone requires.

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Bottom of the door jamb is anchor bolted to the finished floor. (supplied)

Top of the door jamb is braced back to the building. (supplied)

6-1/2 inches of headroom loss on most door sizes.
Typical quote does not include cladding, trim, insulation, installation or sales tax.
Higher Power Door is patent protected and only manufactured by Higher Power Doors Inc. There’s no other door like it.

If you wish for us to compare Higher Power to another hangar door please contact us. We would love to share our prices and explain the advantages of this door system.

Stage 1. Get a quote here for the Higher Power Door size you need.

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Stage 2. Download wind load calculations for your region and email them to your building designer.

Stage 3. While you wait for your Higher Power Door to arrive why not read this useful information?

hangar door installation

Installation Manual

Installation is real simple. The door frame is assembled on location. We pre-drill holes. You just need to apply the bolts we provide. Our installation manual explains how simple Higher Power Door is.


Hydraulic Oil Information

While almost any oil can be used to operate Higher Power Door, we advise you read this document and use the one that is most suitable to the climates your door will operate in.

unloading a hangar door

Unloading Your Door

The client is responsible for unloading Higher Power Door when it arrives so be sure to have the correct equipment to unload it. Read our guide for more information.  Your hangar door installer might also be interested in reading this.


Watch some awesome videos of the Higher Power Door.

We have some pretty cool photos and videos of clients' doors, and hero shots.