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Higher Power Door Will Become The #1 Selling
Hydraulic Door System Of All Time

self supported hydraulic door system that takes design efficiency to a new whole new level.

A Self Supported Hydraulic Door System

Higher Power Door has made hangar construction more affordable than ever.  This self-supported hydraulic door doesn’t impose any dead load onto your structure.

This means you can build a less expensive aircraft hangar!

It’s a fact that Higher Power Door customers can build an aircraft hangar for less. Make sure you do the same, with the simplest and most design efficient hangar door system available.

  • For new or existing construction.
  • Typical door sizes require only 6-1/2 inches of headroom.

  • This door can be built for almost any style of building.

  • Installation is considered fast and simple.

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Freestanding hydraulic

A Simple Framed Opening Is All You Need

Bi-Fold doors and hydraulic doors require an expensive framed opening that is part of your building costs.
Higher Power Door requires nothing more than a common framed opening — saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Make Higher Power Door The Only Hangar Door System You Buy!

A Simple Concept, Yet Seamless In Design

  • Door imposes no dead load onto the building.

  • Only wind load is transferred to your building.
  • Suitable for new, or existing structures.
  • Typical door sizes require only 6-1/2 inches of headspace.

  • Sizes available up to 160ft wide and 65ft tall.
  • Vertical cylinders maximize safety and efficiency.
  • Approximately 1/3 of the door pushes back inside the building.
  • No hinges, straps, cables, pulleys, slats, or rollers. Higher Power Door is so simple.

Higher Power Door Thinks Outside The Box

Key Features

  • All steel frame, engineered to your building code.
  • Operates faster and smoother than any standard hydraulic door.
  • Beats the snow! This door lifts several inches before pushing out.
  • Auto-locking hurricane bolts are a standard feature.
  • Motor is submerged in the hydraulic reservoir.
  • Door cannot fall if a hydraulic failure occurs.
  • No hinges means your door won’t fail in cold weather.
  • Door seals on all 4 sides.
  • Optional DC system available to operate door without mains power.

Architects & Engineers

Higher Power Door is an amazing step forward in hangar design and over the last 8 years has changed how we think and build aircraft hangars.

We have all the information right here for you to review and implement a Higher Power Door on your next project. If there is something missing, or needs clarification we welcome your call at 866.226.3667

  • Architect Specifications | Door Loads & Reactions | Door Frame Plans
  • Installation Manual | Hydraulic Oil Information
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