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Higher Power Door

Higher Power Doors is a Vertical Lift Hydraulic Door

Higher Power Door imposes wind load onto your building structure and requires a strong foundation.

Self Supported Hydraulic Door System

Higher Power Door entered the hangar door industry more recently than the other hydraulic door manufacturers but it’s a door general aviation customers should consider.  It’s not an entirely self supported door because the wind load is going to impsoe on your structure, but it’s closer than a regular hydraulic door.

It’s a fact that a Higher Power Door customer could build a aircraft hangar for less than if they used a regular hydraulic swing door. The same might be said about bifold doors on the bigger scale.

  • Typical Higher Power doors are 6-1/2 inches thick and require a minimum of 12 inches above the header.
  • This door can be used for steel and wood frame aircraft hangar.

A Simple Framed Opening Is All You Need

Most Bi-Fold doors and hydraulic doors require a substantial framed opening that is part of your building costs.
Higher Power Door requires nothing more than a common framed opening.Outside The Box