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Higher Power Door Will Become The #1 Selling
Hydraulic Door System Of All Time

self supported hydraulic door system that takes design efficiency to a new whole new level.

A Self Supported Hydraulic Door System

Higher Power Door has made hangar construction more affordable than ever.  This self-supported hydraulic door doesn’t impose any dead load onto your structure.

This means you can build a less expensive aircraft hangar!

It’s a fact that Higher Power Door customers can build an aircraft hangar for less. Make sure you do the same, with the simplest and most design efficient hangar door system available.

  • For new or existing construction.
  • Typical door sizes require only 6-1/2 inches of headroom.

  • This door can be built for almost any style of building.

  • Installation is considered fast and simple.

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Freestanding hydraulic

A Simple Framed Opening Is All You Need

Bi-Fold doors and hydraulic doors require an expensive framed opening that is part of your building costs.
Higher Power Door requires nothing more than a common framed opening — saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Common framed opening is all you need
Common framed opening is all you need
Common framed opening is all you need

Make Higher Power Door The Only Hangar Door System You Buy!

A Simple Concept, Yet Seamless In Design

  • Door imposes no dead load onto the building.

  • Only wind load is transferred to your building.
  • Suitable for new, or existing structures.
  • Typical door sizes require only 6-1/2 inches of headspace.

  • Sizes available up to 160ft wide and 65ft tall.
  • Vertical cylinders maximize safety and efficiency.
  • Approximately 1/3 of the door pushes back inside the building.
  • No hinges, straps, cables, pulleys, slats, or rollers. Higher Power Door is so simple.

Higher Power Door Thinks Outside The Box

Key Features

  • All steel frame, engineered to your building code.
  • Operates faster and smoother than any standard hydraulic door.
  • Beats the snow! This door lifts several inches before pushing out.
  • Auto-locking hurricane bolts are a standard feature.
  • Motor is submerged in the hydraulic reservoir.
  • Door cannot fall if a hydraulic failure occurs.
  • No hinges means your door won’t fail in cold weather.
  • Door seals on all 4 sides.
  • Optional DC system available to operate door without mains power.

Architects & Engineers

Higher Power Door is an amazing step forward in hangar design and over the last 8 years has changed how we think and build aircraft hangars.

We have all the information right here for you to review and implement a Higher Power Door on your next project. If there is something missing, or needs clarification we welcome your call at 866.226.3667

  • Architect Specifications | Door Loads & Reactions | Door Frame Plans
  • Installation Manual | Hydraulic Oil Information
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