Hangar Door Repairs

For routine inspections, servicing and repairs, AeroDoor has a crew of field engineers with experience, training and the necessary licenses and insurance for hangar door repairs.

We can also service, repair or upgrade hangar doors that were not manufactured by AeroDoor.

Key Notes:

• AeroDoor can service, upgrade and repair most makes and models of bottom rolling doors.
• AeroDoor stocks genuine parts for repairs and upgrades of AeroDoor branded doors.
• AeroDoor stocks genuine parts or parts of equal standard for repairs and upgrades on non-AeroDoor bottom rolling doors.
• Customized warranty and services agreements available if you have multiple hangar doors.
• Training available to carry out your own routine door inspections.
• We use our own experienced and accredited engineers.
• AeroDoor is a registered member of the International Door Association.

Available for Bottom Rolling Doors only. We do not offer these services for any other type of hangar door such as hydraulic doors, bifold doors, fabric doors, or self supported vertical lift doors.