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Choosing the right choice of hangar door for these types of aircraft will usually come down to two choices; bottom rolling doors and vertical lifting fabric doors.

We hope this guide will help you to understand the pro’s and con’s for both types of hangar door.

Bottom Rolling Door Vertical Lifting Fabric Door
Research shows this to be a less expensive choice Research shows this to be a more expensive choice
Available for any size of opening Available for any size of opening
Various sheeting profiles and finishes available (by others)
Sheeting manufacturers now offer a range of insulation and sound values. Fabric doors are typically not well insulated.
Reasonable protection from air leakage due to the EPDM rubber and brush seal around the door. Good air seal — potentially better than a bottom rolling door.
Door leaves are ground bearing so only apply wind load to the building structure. Fabric doors are suspended so they impose dead load and wind load on to the building structure.
Door panels require no additional headroom. Door will require additional headroom for fabric and mullions.
100% of the opening can be achieved with the use of outriggers (provided by others). No outriggers needed so you can achieve 100% clear opening of the building width.
Ground needs to be prepared for bottom track. Ground needs to be prepared for mullions.
Windows, walk doors or vehicle doors can be included. It is possible to add walk doors or vehicle doors by using a solid lower panel but that may increase the headroom requirements.
Fuselage dock is available.
Price – Economical (more info click here) Price – High


 Alternative To Vertical Lifting Fabric Doors

The Higher Power Door is a vertical lifting door that requires no pocket space, no outriggers, no mullions and limited headroom. The door is self supported, so the only load that is applied to the building structure is wind load.

For more information click here.

higher power door

Higher Power Door is an alternative option to our bottom rolling door or a vertical lifting fabric door.


Higher Power Door requires no pocket space, no tracks, no mullions and limited headspace.



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