Top hung sliding doors versus Bottom rolling doors

//The Difference Between Top hung and Bottom Rolling Doors

Top Hung Sliding Hangar Doors vs. Bottom Rolling Doors

Some people will get confused when deciding on the most suitable rolling hangar door system. If you are unsure of the difference between a top hung sliding door and a bottom rolling door then this article will help you.

Top Hung Sliding Doors

With a top hung sliding door the entire weight of the door is concentrated on the building’s header. The building from which the door is supported should be strong enough to carry the door’s entire weight and the loads imposed.

You need to design a building to carry the loads of the top hung sliding door and with this in mind your building costs will be higher. If the building cannot carry the door loads the results could be failure, re-investment and potential fatalities.

Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors

The bottom rolling door offers a far more design efficient building that will cost you less. There is no need for the building to carry the door’s load up top. Instead the bottom of the door carries the majority of the weight.

However, these doors need proper design engineering, along with solid door hardware. (Ed: That’s where AeroDoor comes in!) Otherwise the door panels could become unstable during operation or in hurricane conditions. With the correct hardware, supporting lintels and deflection criteria bottom rolling doors will provide a trouble free operation for even the biggest hangar door openings.


Bottom rolling doors impose little load onto a building. Once installed these doors need little adjustment and should last the life of the building.

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