Aircraft Hangar Renovations

For most military aircraft hangars the contract will outline that between 20 and 25 years after initial construction, a facility including the hangar doors will undergo significant renovation.

The importance of sustainable refurbishment is that the majority of aircraft hangars in use are not new and were constructed when energy standards were low or non-existent, and are otherwise incompatible with current standards or expectations. Much of the existing building stock is likely to be in use for many years to come since hangar demolition and replacement is often unacceptable owing to cost, social disruption or because the building is of architectural and/or historical interest.

The solution is to refurbish or renovate hangar and hangar doors to make them appropriate for current and future use and to satisfy current requirements and standards of energy use and comfort. That’s where AeroDoor excel. AeroDoor have a history of refurbishing aircraft hangars to specifications or in a design build environment.

Examples include:

  • Remove and replace with new; wheels, top guide hardware, weather seal and motors for 150ft x 30ft, 8 section bi-parting bottom rolling door. Space Coast FL
  • Remove 120’ x 28’, 6 section bi-parting bottom rolling door. Each door section to be removed and placed to an agreed location somewhere close to the perimeter of the aircraft hangar. NAS USA
  • On 9 individual military aircraft hangars, remove and replace with new; bottom rail system, hangar door hardware, weather seals, personnel door limit switches. NAS USA
  • Remove and replace with new; entire drive system on 27 sections of individually operated hangar door system. Remove and replace motors, gear boxes, drives, chains, mounting plate, electrical control panels, and disconnect bolts. Install all new hanger door sensing edges, weather seals, magnetic strip and trolley buss.
  • Replace all push button stations in NEMA ICS 6, Type 4 water tight enclosures. NAS USA
  • Add 22’ x 11’ vertical lifting tail door system above existing bottom rolling door system. Include motor, controls, weather stripping, electrical wiring and necessary steel to meet new wind load criteria. AFB USA