Hangar Door Preventative Maintenance

Prolonging the life of hangar doors.

Preventive maintenance refers to the bi-annual or annual routine inspection to help keep your hangar door in prime condition, helping to prevent unplanned downtime from unanticipated failure.

Preventative maintenance for aircraft hangar doors is for the most part fast and painless. Which means the costs are relatively low in comparison to a hangar door that’s failed due to neglect or disregard. We can set up a time to visit and inspect your hangar door and do a complete inspection.

After the inspection you’ll receive a prepared report that lists each of the points on the hangar door that our technician inspected. It will have any notes the technician made including adjustments, areas of concern and recommendations.

Inspection covers the door rail, top guide, structural steel, weather seal, electrical components and any special features such as a tail door, fuselage opening, cable system, cane bolts etc.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections are available nationwide and done by AeroDoor technicians.