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AeroDoor’s Engineering Team To The Rescue!

At one time or another, some aircraft owners will face a dreaded problem when a newly purchased aircraft doesn’t fit inside of the existing hangar.  A financial and time harvesting headache any jet owner could do without.

In almost four decades of bottom rolling door manufacturing, AeroDoor has helped countless clients to overcome similar circumstances by increasing their existing opening through door modification, or fabrication of a new door that meets the needs of the new aicraft.

Recently, at Orlando International Airport, a hangar door owner faced a smilier problem. A 140ft by 41ft clear opening wasn’t tall enough for a newly purchased Boeing 737 jet which carries a 41ft 3-inches tail height. The clear opening height was already at it’s highest, leaving the owner a dreaded problem of finding a new hangar for his aircraft and operations.

In the past AeroDoor has designed and installed every type of tail door including heavy duty rolling steel, sectional and bi-fold. However, due to overhead dimension limitations and 5 separate wide flange beams that made up the top track of this 5 panel bottom rolling door configuration, it was going to be difficult to engineer a tail door in the center line of the hangar doors.

AeroDoor’s experienced engineers went to work and designed a one of a kind, hydraulically actuated tail door system to provide the clear opening height desired. Utilizing the same hydraulic system seen in the Higher Power Door, a pair of hydraulic cylinders lift the 5 leaf top track vertically by 3ft, increasing the clear opening height of the hangar at the centre line.

AeroDoor cut out a section of the existing top track so it could be lifted clear above the aircraft tail, or lowered back into position. All of this would be operated from a custom built control panel at the side of the door’s main control box. The door and tail door are electrically interlocked and sequenced for safe operation.

Thanks to our team at AeroDoor, the client’s Boeing 737 now has a home, and the owner resolved his problem for a lot less money than initially expected.

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