Replacing aircraft hangar doors

Replacing your aircraft hangar door.

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Things to consider when upgrading your existing aircraft hangar door.

Reasons for replacing a hangar door:

  • You’ve invested in a larger aircraft.
  • Existing hangar door or components are beyond economical repair.
  • Existing hangar door is a safety hazard.
  • Existing hangar door is difficult to operate.
  • Existing bottom track has degraded.

Points to consider when replacing a hangar door:

  • Budget and timescale.
  • Which type of hangar door can be used that will avoid engineering evaluation or structural improvement to the hangar?
  • If that cannot be avoided, what are the associated costs?
  • Calculate the costs to remove and dispose of the existing hangar door.
  • Calculate the costs to install the new hangar door.
  • Calculate the costs for new sheeting, trim, and insulation on the new door.
  • Will there be any downtime between the old door being removed and the new door being installed?
  • How do you protect or secure your hangar if there will be downtime?

There is another important factor that might need consideration. If your hangar is old, the building codes for your region have probably changed. The new hangar door may be built using heavier gauge steel than the door you plan on replacing. This means even if you replace a door ‘like for like’ then your building may need engineering evaluation and possible structural reinforcement to satisfy building code.

Why clients choose AeroDoor for hangar door replacement:

AeroDoor specializes in turnkey projects for new or existing aircraft hangars. We have the people in engineering, manufacturing and the field to fulfill your requirements.

Services we offer include:

  • A site visit by AeroDoor registered PE or technician to inspect the existing door and frame support.
  • Provide a detailed hangar-door-engineering-package for your engineering firm.
  • Install new top track, bottom track and complete doors with manual or motorized operation.
  • Meet existing building deflection criteria using our fixed or telescoping hardware.
  • Provide on site training to cover door operation, troubleshooting and maintaining your new door.
  • Provide full close out submittals complete with electrical and manufacturing specifications.

Useful Information:

  • Call us to discuss your project today. Toll Free (866.226.3667)
  • Send us some information about your project for a budgetary estimate by clicking here
  • Download our generic bottom rolling door specifications to share with your architect or engineering company.

Replacing aircraft hangar doors

“Replacing hangar doors should start with a conversation. Talk to AeroDoor today at 866.226.3667”

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