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Contract awarded for bottom rolling door on Colorado base.

Paul Blake

ORLANDO, Florida—October 22nd, 2015—AeroDoor International today announces the bottom rolling door contract award for Assault Hangar PN77405 at Ft Carson Colorado

About The Project

AeroDoor has been awarded the aircraft hangar door contract on the 4th Infantry Division, Combat Aviation Brigade’s Assault Battalion Maintenance Hangar to be located at Butts Army Airfield, Fort Carson, Colorado.

The 113,800 SF structural steel aircraft hangar will include a 392′ x 28′ horizontal bottom rolling door, intrusion detection systems, energy monitoring and control system connections, fire/smoke detection and alarm systems, and connections to the installation’s central energy plant. Fire suppression systems will be provided that include wet pipe in the administrative areas, dry pipe in the exterior storage areas, as well as pre-action and high expansion foam in the hangar bays. Special foundations will be constructed due to the location’s expansive and corrosive soil. Supporting facilities will include electric service, water, sewer and gas, industrial waste, 834,000 SF of airfield paving, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, parking, storm drainage, site work, and exterior information systems. In addition to the new construction, the project also includes the demolition of existing concrete airfield paving and six buildings located along the airfield.

The Assault Battalion is one of five battalions that form the 4th Infantry Division’s 4th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) that is transitioning to Fort Carson’s Butts Army Airfield. The Assault Battalion supports the brigade by performing air assault and air movement operations. The new facility will support 385 battalion leaders and soldiers split into five companies. Companies Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie will have a fleet of 30 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopters that will be maintained in the facility’s 6-bay 44,600 SF hangar. The facility’s remaining 69,200 SF will house allied maintenance shops, flight operations, administrative spaces, and company readiness storage.

This project is currently scheduled to be completed in May 2016.
Total Project Value $50.5 million

aircraft hangar construction has started at Ft Carson

 Construction has already started the $50.5 million project.

“The bottom rolling door will consist of six leafs, and each leaf offers independent operation by AeroGlide, AeroDoors in-frame motor operator assembly. AeroDoor will provide a full turnkey installation service as part of this contract.”

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