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Bottom Rolling Door manufacturer,

Since 1978.

Projects that specify big bottom rolling doors need to come from a company that will give you trustworthy advice in the planning stages and expert fabricators and installers.

That company is AeroDoor.

At AeroDoor we continue to develop and improve our bottom rolling door designs. Even after 40-years of experience we’re still improving the doors based on our growing engineering and field knowledge. Every hangar door is manufactured to meet our clients requirements and can include a variety of options including a tail door, fuselage aperture, linear cable system, safety edge or explosion proof components.

Our expertise of structural, mechanical, and electrical design, helps to deliver any specification of bottom rolling door that you desire. We promise a trustworthy, easy to use, and low maintenance door system. Our motor operators feature increased performance and control to produce a superior end product to meet the demands of a hangar door, big or small. Our motor operators and control panels feature the best components we can find and are carefully engineered and coordinated to match each individual installation.

We offer a range of in-door and rubber tire motor operators, for new or existing doors. Our field installers were once rolling door fabricators so our installers know our doors better than anyone. They are licensed, insured and experienced to work in environments these doors exist in. AeroDoor gives you one company to manufacture and install your door, tracks and motor operators.

A turnkey service will always reduce costs and provide peace of mind. AeroDoor is a preventative maintenance contractor for airports and chartered aircraft companies. We offer single day or contracted maintenance inspections for all types of hangar doors. Talk to us about the importance and economic benefits of routine maintenance on hangar doors.

  • One company offering the whole “turnkey” service: Design, Manufacture, Installation.
  • Leading hardware components to deliver a long lasting and trouble free door system.
  • A project manager and co-ordinator who will work through every process with you.
  • Fully responsive so your door and project goes exactly how you want it to.
  • We hire the best in the industry because we care about your project as much as you do.

For private, commercial and Military environments.

Installed by AeroDoor employees.

Designed to a configuration that suits your needs.

Structural Door Framing

All door framing is continuous throughout and is constructed to meet the loads and specifications in accordance with the latest American Institute of Steel Construction Specifications of Standard Structural Sections.

Frames and framing members shall be true to dimensions, square and no leaf shall be bowed, warped or out of line in vertical or horizontal plane of the door opening by more than 1/8 inch in 20 feet.

Explosion Proof

For clients who build aircraft hangars in hazardous zones we build motor operators and electrical components that are rated explosion proof; Class 1, Division 1. These are built in accordance with the latest NEMA standards and installed in accordance with the National Electric Code.


AeroDoors design team will work with you and your team to ensure complete integration between building and door. We’ll provide a professional  engineering and submittal package for the door and any electrical components so your building manufacturer and sub contractors have the information that they need.

You can implement our doors in existing buildings too. Even replacing bi-fold or hydraulic doors. We will remove the old hangar door before we unload and install your new one.

Power to you.

We believe every motor operator should be designed around the actual door system it’s intended for so we wont sell you an off the shelf system. We’ll build a motor operator with the horsepower and traction that YOUR DOOR needs. This will help prolong the life of the motor, drive wheel and rail.

  • Explosion Proof Class 1, Div 1 & 2, Group D environments.
  • Industry leading safety edge.
  • VFD’s with soft start and speed tuning.
  • Time delay movement.