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Design & Deflection

All door framing is continuous throughout and is constructed to meet the loads and specifications in accordance with the latest American Institute of Steel Construction Specifications of Standard Structural Sections.

Doors are designed to withstand stringent test pressures and any horizontal deflection as specified by the engineer on record.

Our telescoping hardware across the top of the door can withstand positive and negative deflection to meet whatever the metal building system requires.

ASCE Bottom Rail

We’ll provide recommended strength anchor bolts, levelling angles and bottom rail. Installation by AeroDoor is optional but recommended. 


Explosion Proof Components

For clients who build aircraft hangars in hazardous zones we will specify motor operators and electrical components that are rated explosion proof. These are built in accordance with the latest NEMA standards and installed in accordance with the National Electric Code.


Hangar Integration

AeroDoors design team will work with you and your team to ensure complete integration between building and door. We’ll provide a professional  engineering and submittal package for the door and any electrical components, so your building manufacturer and sub contractors have the information that they need for smooth integration.

Our bottom rolling doors can be installed into existing buildings too, replacing bi-fold or hydraulic doors, or even where an opening doesn’t yet exist. 


Power to you.

We believe every motor operator should be designed around the actual door system it’s intended for so we wont sell you an off the shelf system. We’ll build a motor operator with the horsepower and traction that YOUR DOOR needs. This will help prolong the life of the motor, drive wheel and rail.

• Suitable for explosion Proof Class 1, Div 1 & 2, Group D environments.

• Industry leading safety edge.

• VFD’s with soft start and speed tuning.

• Time delay movement.


Tail Door Systems.

Increase the clear opening height without raising the eave height of your aircraft hangar. Tail doors can be implemented in to new or existing building structures. When a tail door is supplied by AeroDoor we’ll install it to ensure smooth integration with the bottom rolling door.

• Hydraulic tail doors.

• Commercial rolling tail doors.

• Variety of specifications and options available.