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Bifold Door Engineering

When designing a new hangar we assume you want to get the best for your money. With our bi-fold door you’ll get exactly that. If you compare our bi-fold with another, we promise to lower the height that your building needs to be! That means you could lower your building costs.

You’ll also get an outstanding door system with a lifetime warranty on the most used components, the lifting cables!

This bi-fold door isn’t new. It has been manufactured for over 3 decades and stands proudly on airports, fly-in communities and t-hangars around the world. We assure you there won’t be one too far away for you to visit if you like. There’s no easier way for us to sell this door than the kind help of an existing owner.

We look forward to talking to you soon, and hope to welcome you to the AeroDoor community!



The bi-fold door has a row of hinges across the top of the door. One side of the hinge leaf is attached to your header or stub column. For steel buildings we recommend wedding the hinge. For wood or block we suggest a thru bolt.
Headroom loss is dependent on the width and height of your chosen door. Please contact us for this information.
A typical quote does not include sheeting, insulation, installation or sales tax.
The bi-fold door we sell is patent protected. There’s no other door like it. If you wish for us to compare it to another bi-fold door please contact us. We would love to share our prices and explain the advantages of this door system.

Stage 1. Get a quote here for the Bifold Door size you need.

Quote Me

If you request a price quote we will provide the door drawing and engineering at no cost. This information will be useful to your building manufacturer.

Below are some examples of our door drawings and engineering. Use them as examples but never design your building around them.

Stage 3. While you wait for your new Bifold Door to arrive why not read this useful information.


Bifold Electrical One

Electrical information for Bifold Doors.


Bifold Electrical Two

Electrical information for Bifold Doors.

unloading a hangar door

Unloading Your Bifold Door

Owner is responsible for unloading the bi-fold door when it arrives so be sure to have the correct equipment to unload it. Please contact us for the right equipment.


Visit our Bifold door photo gallery

We have some pretty awesome photos of clients bifold doors on aircraft hangars, nested t-hangars and corporate hangars.