Aircraft Hangar Construction

Aircraft Hangar Construction Guide For Developers & Airports

As a developer or an airport owner, the primary aim when building aircraft hangars is to attract new business, and generate additional revenue. If executed correctly it can be the key to a financially secure business plan. The purpose of this guide is to help you successfully plan, design and build your next hangar development project.

Over the coming months we will be adding new segments, so be sure to bookmark this page. The guide will cover location, design, budget, sources of funding and construction. We hope some of this information will help you in the challenges and decisions surrounding new hangar construction.

Of course if you are already moving forward with new hangar construction please tell us about your plans. Our project managers will be sure to offer insightful advice and competitive pricing for the world’s leading aircraft hangar doors.

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Aircraft Hangar Design Starts With The Hangar Door

The choice of hangar door will strongly affect the price and efficiency of the aircraft hangar. Make the right choice and talk to AeroDoor about your project and the aircraft you wish to store. We can provide budgetary information and engineering you will need before talking with architects, engineers and building manufacturers.
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Aircraft Hangar Construction Guide

Hangar Construction Guide Part II

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Planning – Phase 3

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Execution – Phase 1

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Execution – Phase 2

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